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Iwata wkshop Sep. 09

Professor Brian Iwata, who has extensively studied functional behavior analysis, will conduct a two-day workshop entitled “Functional Analysis & Treatment of Severe Behavior Disorders” in Philadelphia (PA, US) on 28 – 29 September 2009. Psychologists may earn 11 CE credits, BCBAs & BCABAs 12 Type 2 CE credits. Walt Antonow, who manages these workshops, advised me that as of 2 Sep there were only 15 seats available, He has a brochure available.

Notes about reducing misbehavior

The recent discussions in the press and the US Congress about seclusion and restraint prompted me to draft these preliminary notes about alternatives that are available to school personnel. Generally, one does not need to resort to putting students in isolation or holding them to the ground.

Schools that employ evidence-based practices have a wealth of alternatives to physical seclusion or restraint. These methods range from plain, old good teaching to systematic analysis of the functions that misbehaviors serve. In the next few paragraphs, I present laconic descriptions of these.
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US Congress hearings follow-up notes

Representatives of Democrats on the US House Education and Labor Committee provided me with a list of resources covering the hearing held 19 May 2009. These hearings were about the use and misuse of seclusion and restraint in managing students’ behavior. Here’re items from that list:

Links to some earlier posts on this topic: “Seclusion and restraint: US hearings coverage” (19 May 2009), “US House to review seclusion and restraint” (here 13 May 2009) and “Seclusion and restraint: NDRN report” (15 January 2009 on Teach Effectively)

Seclusion and restraint: US hearings coverage

Reporting for US National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Joe Shapiro covered the debate about disciplinary methods in schools. In “Discipline Methods Endanger Disabled Kids,” Mr. Shapiro presented different views ahead of hearings that were to be held later today in the US House of Representatives.

The hearings were prompted by the distressing report by the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) about seclusion and restraint in US schools. Although there’s going to be plenty of opportunity for demagoguery and people who follow the hearings will need to separate fact and opinion carefully, the topic is an important one and hearings are merited.

In some cases, the Government Accountability Office report notes, children have died or been injured when they have been tied, taped, handcuffed or pinned down by adults or locked in secluded rooms, often to be left for hours at a time.

The report looking at restraint and seclusion in schools will be released Tuesday at a hearing by the House Committee on Education and Labor. Committee Chairman George Miller, who asked for the GAO report, says it begins to give lawmakers a sense of the frequent use of those methods.

As reported here on Behavior Mod Info previously, there is virtually no need for harsh punishment, seclusion, or restraint in working with children. Mr. Shapiro’s report includes quotes about alternative methods for addressing behavior problems (e.g., functional behavior assessment).

Read Mr. Shapiro’s report. See my notes about “US House to review seclusion and restraint” (here 13 May 2009) and “Seclusion and restraint: NDRN report” (15 January 2009 on Teach Effectively).

Current Directions in Behavioral Science

Matt Normand, a professor at the University of the Pacific who maintains a site he calls “The Skinner Box,” publishes a series of podcasts about behavior analysis. The second of these, released 5 August 2008, is a discussion of functional behavioral analysis (FBA). Much of the content features a conversation with Brian Iwata about his experiences in early work on FBA as well as other matters (e.g., comparison of FBA and simpler descriptive analyses). The latest episode of “Current Directions in Behavioral Science” is available at Mr. Normand’s Web site. It’s worth a listen.

Iwata workshops on FBA slated

Brian Iwata, Ph.D., will conduct a series of two-day workshops around the US this fall. Mr. Iwata, who is professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Florida, is one of the pre-eminent authorities on assessment and treatment of severe behavior problems such as self-injury. The workshops are entitled “Functional Analysis & Treatment of Severe Behavior Disorders: Methods for Clinicians and Educators.”

  1. 23-24 October 2008 in Louisville (KY, US);
  2. 13-14 November 2008 in Richmond (VA, US);
  3. 15-16 December 2008 in Austin (TX, US)
  4. 17-18 December 2008 in Orlando (FL, US)

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