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Precision Teaching conference pending

The 2010 International Precision Teaching Conference will be held in Seattle (WA, US) 4-6 November 2010. Sponsored by the Standard Celeration Society, a group that promotes the use of systematic data collection procedures and objective analysis of instructional practices, the conference promises to have lots of reports that will appeal to readers of Behavior Mod. There will be special rates for students, excellent presentations, lots of chances for interaction with knowledgable folks. Check it out!

Where: Holiday Inn, 211 Dexter Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109—Hotel Front Desk: 1-206-728-8123 | Hotel Fax: 1-206-728-2779 (Group Reservation Code: Morningside
When: 4-6 November 2010
Registration: See the page pointing to the Paypal form for the registration link!

Positive-negative ratios

Over on The Adventures of Miss Behavior, Enedelia Sanner has a post about getting data on her children’s behavior before introducing interventions. As I suspect is true for most folks, she doesn’t always gather baseline data, even though she’s an informed behavior analyst. In the post she makes some good points about the value of data in informing practice, but there’s another feature of the post to which I want to point.
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For the geeky among us

Over at Teaching All Students, Patrick Black has a post about using an iPod Touch (an iPhone would work, too) as a data collection device. He’s simply (but sensibly) coordinated publicly available resources in a way that permits data entry, recording, and communication. Take a look by following this link.

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