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HB, Sidney Bijou

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Sidney W. Bijou, one of the pre-eminent figures in the history of analysis and management of behavior. Professor Bijou passed away 11 June 2009.

Professor Bijou’s work provided the foundation and exemplars for much of what we do today. His three-volume application of behavioral principles to children’s development, written in collaboration with Donald M. Baer (volumes 1 and 2), was a powerful influence on me. I still have students in my single-subject research class read a 1960s article about collecting data in the field.

For more, simply set aside a bit of time and tour Professor Bijou’s Web site

HB, Fred Skinner

It’s another opportunity to celebrate the birthday of B. F. Skinner. Professor Skinner was born on this day in 1904, so he’d’ve finished his 105 trip around the sun this today. I’m going to take the time today to revisit the Web site devoted to him.

HB, B. F. Skinner

Happy birthday, Fred Skinner! Here’s a post about the birthday of B. F. Skinner that I published in 2007 on my personal blog:

B. F. Skinner; thanks to WikiCommonsBorn 20 March 1904 in Susquehanna, PA (US), B. F. Skinner made substantial contributions to our understanding of human behavior. Although his scientific contributions are substantial, I find his philosophical arguments for radical behaviorism even more important. I fear that his recommendations that people use scientific understanding of human behavior to overcome social ills such as war are dismissed too readily. He rejected coercion and punishment as the means of controlling human behavior and advocated humane use of reinforcement in their place.

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