The Behavior Mod Info site provides current information about humane, evidence-based methods of promoting appropriate human behavior. Although we may sometimes delve into philosophical discussions (no doubt, someone will want to ask, “Who determines what counts as ‘appropriate?'”), most of the emphasis is on how to engineer behavior. It’s all public. It’s out in the open. We can talk.

My name is John Wills Lloyd and I manage this site. Behavior Mod Info has sibling sites; they are EBD Blog, LD Blog, Spedpro, and Teach Effectively. My day job is teaching about special education and research methods at the University of Virginia. I’ve been teaching and conducting research at U.Va. since 1978.

Please note that I do not necessarily endorse the products advertised on Behavior Mod Info. The site automatically displays advertisements that are mediated by Google Adsense; Google Adsense selects which advertisers’ announcements to insert, based at least in part on the content of the site. So, because there are posts that discuss a topic (for example, schools and other programs, such as camps, purported to serve students with behavior problems), Google Adsense selects advertisements that match that topic, according to its algorithms, and pushes those ads to the alloted display spaces here. That doesn’t mean that the ads necessarily show, say, evidence-based interventions (even though that’s a frequent topic on all my blogs). Sigh.

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