Mr. Belshaw’s tips

Some time ago, blogger Doug Belshaw had a post providing guidance about managing behavior that I just discovered. In the post Mr. Belshaw gives tips about classroom management that are worth repeating. Although there are 10 items in his list, I’ll just illustrate them using a couple here:

1. Don’t shout: Absolutely fundamental. Shouting is what you do to give people a short, sharp shock and, as such, should be used rarely but to good effect. If you shout every lesson at a class then they will ignore you in the end.

2. Teach well: It’s tempting to fall into the trap of thinking that if pupils aren’t doing their best for you, then why should you do your best for them? Although it may not be politically correct in the teaching world to say so, the quality of your teaching has a direct influence on the behaviour of your class. Obvious really, but it may explain why that class who you always give worksheets to in order to ‘keep them quiet’ always play up.

To be sure, Mr. Belshaw’s list includes pretty obvious points. However, teachers often forget commonsense watchwords such as these. I know I did from time to time. It’s very nice to have the reminder.

Read the entire list of tips. Link to Mr. Belshaw’s “10 Top Behaviour Management Tips.” Flash of the electrons to Elona Hartjes’ blog, Teachers at Risk, for pointing me toward Mr. Belshaw’s post.

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